Plans ...


Jacek, SP5EAQ plan to be QRV from Chatham Islands, IOTA OC-038, CQ Zone 32.

QTH: Waitangi (the west coast of Chatham Island)
QRA loc: AE16rb
Longitude 177° West
Latitude 44° South

Jacek operates only SSB. Activity is planned for a period of two weeks starting 20 October 2023 (including entry to CQWWDX SSB Contest).

The call ZL7/SP5EAQ is to be used.

About DX-pedition...

Operator: SP5EAQ Honor Roll

Profession: Eng. Electronics – Professor
Licensed since 1968, Honor Roll #1 on SSB
Interested in: Ham Radio, sailing
Member of PZK, SP DX Club
Previous DXpeditions: FO/SP5EAQ, TX5AQ, VK9NE, T2AQ, E51EAQ, ZK3Q, 5W0AF, A3EAQ, T30AQ, 3D2MJ, ZL7/SP5EAQ, and ZA/SP5EAQ
Keen DXer on SSB, more than 100.000 QSOs from South Pacific islands


TRx: K3 (Elecraft)
PA:   HM PA 500W
Antennas: multi-band vertical (SP7GXP)
                  antenna 80m (type depends on available space)


I am happy to meet all the costs of the DX-pedition, but I am seeking sponsorship and donations from individuals, DX clubs and organizations towards any excess baggage charges, printing QSLs and similar expenses.

Jacek SP5EAQ